One of the first technology-intensive companies in Myanmar, Innovix was founded in 2013 by a group of professionals with ICT backgrounds. Innovix has always been dedicated to providing premium technical solutions to help businesses grow, both in Myanmar and throughout the South East Asian region.

Our vision is to play a significant part in Myanmar’s digital transformation by narrowing the gap between organization’s and professional solutions that help them expand. Innovix is dedicated to bringing these solutions to the businesses that need them, to help them improve efficiency and output. We want to make a positive impact with our in depth knowledge in consulting, developing and deploying information systems in Myanmar’s various business sectors today, in line with our motto – “Accelerate Business with Technology”.

Our Values


We take great pride in our work and in the quality of each project and service we deliver our clients. Each project we take on board is just as important as the previous one, and each team member here at Innovix takes full responsibility for their accomplishments. This is how we ensure we keep consistent high standards and pride in our work.


Focused on the results we bring and the impact we make, this value stays at the heart of our Innovix mission: providing our clients with solutions that help their business grow, that answer their questions and improve their productivity. We ensure the delivery of our projects and services is always within the set time frame, and our clients’ objectives are fully met.

Team Work

Throughout the different departments and levels of expertise, something that really makes Innovix strong is our team work spirit. We are stronger when we share opinions and experiences and we channel our differences to find the best possible solutions for our clients. We make more effective decisions and work better in a team than alone.

Why Choose Us

Why Innovix

With local know-how and international expertise, our team of skilful ICT professionals is dedicated to offer you premium technological solutions based on innovative ideas. We aim to be your trusted and reliable service provider and help your business grow in today’s competitive environment.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to offering our clients quality services and solutions, regardless of the scope of size. Quality always comes first.

Relationship Matter

We value our relationship with our clients, tend to build long term relationship based on trust and reliability.

Trusted, Reliable

We value our relationship with our clients, and always want to build long term relationships based on trust. We believe in a partnership where both our team and our client work together for the same objectives. Our processes are transparent and our clients have control over their choices due to the flexibility of the technological solutions that are implemented.

Fully Co-operative

We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that bring them real and tangible results. We believe that only a full cooperation and sharing of ideas will help us achieve our goals together.