A must-have for any hotel of any size, a simple yet efficient reservation system can make the difference between success and failure. Our team at Innovix can support not only with the implementation of a simple reservation system, but also customise it to suit your specific needs. From being able to reach out to guests online and make it easy for guests to book directly from their phone, a professional reservations system would allow you to maximise occupancy and optimisation of bookings. Having a reservation system offers a strong competitive advantage.

Server Based Hotel Management System

Server based hotel management solutions to help streamline operations for any hotel.

Cloud Based Hotel Management System

Cloud-based hotel management is flexible and easy to access from any location.

Booking Engine

Optimise your booking operations, understand user behavior and streamline your entire customer acquisition process.

Centralised Reservation System

Secure online reservations with a technical solution that helps hotels grow and increase bookings to maximise occupancy.

POS Module

Manage a wide variety of services at your hotel property from one professional POS software.

House Keeping Module
accounting module img

The most efficient way to view and control the housekeeping department operations in real-time and streamline them to perfection.

Accounting Module

All your hotel finance and accounting needs managed from one place.