Jewellery Production Management

With a professional jewellery management software, managing delicate and expensive gems and precious metals, from the moment a new stone enters the inventory through its production process and design of a piece of jewellery up to its sale is never been easier. Manage all the movements and transactions within the goldsmith and stores, without errors or duplicates, giving you the ability to oversee each part of the process. The jewellery production management system enhances the process of recording details of every item and allows you to see the possibilities. Our proprietary system is unique and well designed to maintain information on gem origins, certificates, types of stones and metals, as well as finishes and designs, and is used by Myanmar professional goldsmiths and jewelers every day to help their business grow and be competitive.

Order Management

Take and organize orders easily, make notes to outline any detail about the order, and track it closely until it is fulfilled.


Keep track of what your customers usually purchase, and keep track of your ever-expanding inventory with accuracy and ease.

Customer Management

Store customer information quickly and easily during any transaction, retrieve it at any time and use the information for marketing purposes.


Access all of your business data from our cloud server any any time. Store earnings reports, changes in stock and business expenses.